Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I’ve been in the Internet Marketing industry for a few years now. I knew that list building was important. My problem is that I could never find anyone that was promoting the same niches that I could trust. Everyone claims to be making thousands of dollars per month online, but most people are just lying through their teeth. I know you have seen all of the wild claims out there.  I got scammed just a few months ago. I decided to do an ad swap with one of the other guys in my niche. I had a list of over 4,000 people, and I wanted to share my list with a fellow marketer.

 I found a guy in my niche that had a list of over 214,500 people! We went through a few negotiations, and he agreed to promote my new dating website if I agreed to promote his dating website and pay him $773. He even showed me a screenshot of his Aweber account, so I thought I could trust this guy. I was so excited! I thought I was going to make a fortune! I went ahead and sent out my email for his website.

 He picked up several new members. He sent out my website to his list. I only got three new members! I knew something was wrong, so I emailed the guy. Of course, he was long gone with my money, and I was out of $773! This was a major loss to my business. I was so ticked off! At that point, I pretty much decided that I couldn’t trust anyone! I gave up on the ad swaps for a few months until my IM friend told me about Safe-Swap. It looked promising…so I decided to try it for a month.

 You talk about great…this is the safest membership site I’ve ever seen. Everyone has membership profiles, so I know people aren’t telling me a bunch of BS when they say they have a huge list! I can tell if someone gets negative feedback, and I have already made several new connections for my niches. It is easy to use, and I feel protected now! I don’t know what I would do without SafeSwaps!

For serious Internet Marketers, you know how hard it is to keep up with everything! Trying to keep up with all of your to do lists can become a real nightmare. It becomes incredibly time consuming to keep up with your calendars, business partners, ad swap partners, and everything else. Serious Internet Marketers know that there is always something that needs to be done.

 One of the biggest time wasters is trying to coordinate an ad swap with another marketer. You can waste hours trying to find someone who will swap with you. Once you are done coordinating everything, you have to track the results of your SafeSwaps. All of this can be very time consuming, and you want to automate all of this as much as possible. Fortunately with all of the statistics on the SafeSwaps calendar, the entire process is automated for you.

 Your calendar is setup so that other people can automatically schedule ad swaps with you, and you can setup your ads on other lists. The calendar shows you all of the statistics of the results of your ads. You can see your SafeSwaps partner’s list sizes and clicks. There is no way you can get burned on SafeSwaps because everything is out in the open. Every member has their own profile that is synchronized with their Aweber and GetResponse lists to show you the real numbers of people they have on their lists.

 You can rest easy knowing that someone is telling you the truth when they tell you they have over 13,000 people on their email list. Because of all the statistics included within the calendar of SafeSwaps, it has saved me a ton of time! I can look at the calendar and see instantly if an ad I ran was successful or not. This saves me hours of analyzing different campaigns to see what is working and what doesn’t.
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 Over time, I can spot trends between my different partners to see which partners have the most responsive lists. I can run more ads because I am saving a lot of time, and I’ve seen my income increase by over $2700 per month!


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