Monday, March 12, 2012

"What if"

WHY???? Beacuse its SIMPLE as Why NOT!??

This is short and sweet, KISS " keeping it simple silly" lol
With all the hustle and bustle , added stress , oh don't for get the Gas prices... Stay with me , what I'm getting at is ,these are all
Added stress that we all experince in our every day to day lives ..
To be honest real honest these types will never go away and we will have to make it
A part of our lives ..Rather we like it or not.!? What's the best way to deal with ,stress or anything
That seems to be a little bit to much. TAKE A MUCH needed break, Come on we need to take a break
from all of what's making us feel stressed , . here's a trick , a secret ..... Okay
It's really not a secret or a trick but its what is simple . Get away from
What's causing the stress and or unhappiness.... Did you know as humans we always
I mean ALWAYS ADAPT to our enviorment?! What I mean is no matter how strong will powered
You are , eventually in time you will become , what you are around everyday ..!! Your around negative
People , guess what ? You eventually do the same ..become negative ,If your around a enviorment that's
stressful EVERYDAY , guess what ? You become , say it with me " STRESSED OUT" ...

Where am I gettin at with all of this ? I

Treat yourself, Relax take time to enjoy.. what ever it is that's causing will more than likley be there tomorrow... Unless " Change"
But that's another time on another

Start really paying attention to What's important and its YOU, your mind your thoughts and your health....



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