Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The All Solutions Network can help you achieve your fund-raising goals, by raising $1,000's with no cost or effort.  By simply offering your members an exceptional line of financial services and gift items from all over the world. 

And taking advantage of this unique program requires absolutely no money and no effort-- On your part OR on the part of your members.

We can help your members in everything from Buying their first home, lowering their bills, improving their credit, to finding just that right gift--  And your organization benefits from each and every one of these products and services.

Our current line of unique gifts is located online at and Every item is perfect for personal use or gift giving, with the emphasis on quality, beauty and value.  These products have extraordinary appeal.

Because gift giving needs constantly arise, these continuing orders will add significantly to the income of your fine organization.
We also provide many important financial services and information...
Much of it free.
We provide a unique combination of gifts, free quotes, trials, financial services and free information that provides a huge benefit for each member of your organization in addition to helping you to reach your fund raising goals.

For full details go to...

Here is exactly how this remarkable program works:

First-- go to the link above to sign up as an All Solutions Network (ASN) approved Fund Raising organization

Second-- Follow the simple instructions that will be included on the that page.
  • In short, after joining, all you need to do is email to your membership a letter similar to that which we provided you.  You need do absolutely nothing else!
  • Your members order online at and Every month we pay to the account of your choice 15% of the total retail orders.
  • The items are promptly delivered to your member's door step!
  • Also, your membership can take advantage of the many free trials, quotes, and services we offer.  They each help your members and increase your revenues.
  • Other than your initial message to your membership, there is absolutely no work required from your organization.  No magazine subscriptions, no kids selling candy door to door, etc...

This excellent, proven program can bring your organization a significant and continuing income.

Please feel free to call or write me.  Perhaps we can review your use of this program in greater detail.

I look forward to talking to you and helping your organization.


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